Real Racing 2

Real Racing 2 853

Intense racing experience


  • Responsive controls
  • Excellent graphics
  • Great gameplay


  • Full version requires purchase

Very good

Real Racing 2 is a fast-paced simulation racing game.

While the initial download of Real Racing 2 is just a demo for the full version featuring a quick race, the production quality on the game is impressive. The full version of Real Racing 2 features 30 cars, 15 locations, and a deep career mode experience.

From the Quick Race demo, the gameplay of driving inside the cabin of the car is one of the most responsive and amazing to experience. With many different control options like using the accelerometer to steer and touch screen for the brake to controlling the car entirely on the screen, the controls cater to every type of player. Real Racing 2 responds very well to each type of controls.

Graphics in Real Racing 2 are excellent. The interior of cars are highly detailed and the track environments also look impressive. The cars show damage taken on the track, and smaller details like skid marks show on the track for the entire race.

The audio in Real Racing 2 is also up-tempo music, keeping the tone of each race feeling frenetic. Sound effects of the cars are a little difficult to hear, but are easier with headphones.

Real Racing 2 is very close to console quality and offers a great racing game.

Real Racing 2


Real Racing 2 853

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